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John W. Engeman Theatre; Dir: John Simpkins

“Michelle Eden Humphrey’s costumes capture the shapes and colors of the 1950s.”

- Aileen Jacobson, The New York Times


“Twenties, '30s and '40s costuming was executed nicely by Michelle Eden Humphrey. The cloche hats, high heels and higher skirts evoked the times.”

- Charles Morgan, Times Beacon Record


Ars Nova; by Joe Iconis. Dir: John Simpkins

"Bloodsong" is practically marinated in irony, from Michelle Eden Humphrey's Williamsburg- fashionable cowpoke and hooker getups to the complimentary ponchos handed out to audience members to guard them from spraying plasma.”

- Sam Thielman, Variety


“Michelle Eden Humphrey's costumes and Chris Dallos' lights help establish a rock- dive-meets-old-west saloon feel”

- Michael Dale, Broadway World


“Costume and set designers Michelle Eden Humphrey and Michael Schweikardt provide the visuals for a true Western setting...with well- integrated wardrobes and scenery.”

- Amanda Halkiotis, New Theater Corps


“The scenic and costume design (by Michael Schweikardt and Michelle Eden Humphrey, respectively) feel straight out of a low-budget movie and are just as effective.”

- Julia Furay, CurtainUp



Beckett Theatre; by Victor L. Cahn, Dir: Eric Parness



“Michelle Eden Humphrey’s costumes possess an equal level of thoughtful and nuanced design and do about as much to tell us about each character as the actors do. In the final scene, the costumes cleverly symbolize the characters’ political alliances (think presidential neckties) without seeming heavy-handed or overly distracting.”

- Weston Clay, Theatre is Easy



Resonance Ensemble; Dir. Kent Paul

“Michelle Eden Humphrey’s costumes add authenticity to the production”

- Wilborn Hampton, New York Times


“Accordingly, the company plays this straight up, and from the high quality set (designed by Sarah Brown) to the costumes (especially Cleopatra's stunning dress, rendered by costume designer Michelle Eden Humphrey) it does an excellent job in communicating what Shaw would have intended for his Egypt.”

- Gregory Wilson, CurtainUp


“Michelle Eden Humphrey's costumes are appropriate for the time and characters, Cleopatra's costumes are especially fine and give a real sense of the opulence she's been raised to”

- Duncan Pflaster, Broadway World


“The production is graced by lavish costumes by Michelle Eden Humphrey”

- Victor Gluck, Theatre Scene


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